For information on Chironomidae please visit the community web page on

This web site originated as a private project for my PhD in 2010 to publicly

  • share my microscopic images
  • share my developed image management tool Chironomidae Identification Program CHIP

I do not work any more with Chironomidae but this web site is intended to stay and contribute my work. May be it is of some help ;-)

Andreas Plank


“The important thing is not to stop questioning.” Albert Einstein

K: Now is it possible - please listen carefully, if you are interested - is it possible not to register? You understand my question? When somebody tells you that you look most beautiful, or that you are a great person, not to register it. The moment you have registered the image begins. And when she tells you, or you tell her, something or rather insulting, it is registered. So I am asking, is it possible not to register the insult or the flattery?
Q: Yes, by listening with attention.
K: You have heard me say that before, therefore it is repeating. Don't repeat what I have said, find out for yourself, sir.

(Jiddu Krishnamurti: Brockwood Park 2nd Public Dialogue 2nd September 1976)