Pseudosmittia indet 2

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  • premandible: 2+1 (apical+basal)
  • seta S1: 2 inner slightly shorter than outer
  • mandible: 3.5/4-1-1/2-0 (inner-apical-outer-surface)
  • mentum: lateral 5 teeth, submental setation below 1st lateral teeth
  • early instar 2nd and 3rd

Head 2nd/3rd instar

Head (3rd? instar):


#1 HQ Tang wrote at April 15 Tue, 2008, 12:35 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

Why not consider "Smittia" sp for the nipple-like projection in the median tooth of mentum?

#2 Andreas Plank wrote at April 16 Wed, 2008, 18:28 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

I added a 2nd specimen here (I think these are the same). Well I think somthing "...smittia" .. but Smittia is characterized with S1 plumose and not bifid; unfortunately this nipple-like projection in the median mentum tooth appears in Smittia, Parasmittia, Pseudosmittia Confused ...

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