Chironomidae indet 1

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  • mentum: 1 median tooth, 6 lateral
  • mandible: 3-1-1-3 (inner-apical-outer-surface)
  • postoccipital margin: lateral a broad ligament
  • antenna: not available

Head (specimen 1):

Mentum (specimen 1 - worn):

Mentum (specimen 3):

Mandible (specimen 1):

Mandible (specimen 2):


#1 plankandreas wrote at March 14 Fri, 2008, 11:22 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

A Diamesinae? Mentum looks like Protanypus, but the mandible seems different Confused ...


#2 HQ Tang wrote at April 15 Tue, 2008, 11:15 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

The identification of this species is a little difficult, but the mandible is very special. for this case, it is more like a member of Diamesa, D. steinboecki Goeth.?

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