Diamesinae indet 2

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  • premandible: ? seta S1: ?;
  • mentum: 1 median, convex tooth (~3-4 x 1st lateral) and 8-9? teeth lateral, submental setation below ~8th lateral tooth; quite large ventromental plates 
  • mandible: 4-1-0-0 (inner-apical-outer-surface);
  • postoccipital margin: brown with a braod ligament;
  • antenna 5 segments

Head (3rd? instar):

Mentum detail (3rd instar):


#1 Andreas Plank wrote at March 28 Fri, 2008, 16:44 (+0000 UTC) answer



this seems similar to Diamesa insignipes. The middle tooth is about twice the width of the lateral tooth (difficult to see here - in the microscope as well). Any other suggestions?



#4 Jorge wrote at July 28 Mon, 2008, 18:33 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

I think this is individio sub Podonominae family and who has no premandíbles

#2 HQ Tang wrote at April 15 Tue, 2008, 11:53 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

ohoh, the mentum is not very clear.

Also the Dimesa fauna of this area is not very clear, check some papers published by Willassen? or somebody else? In my knowledges, the old Chinese reference is mainly followed the Nearctic system.

#3 plankandreas wrote at April 16 Wed, 2008, 18:10 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

I added a detail of this mentum ... but I get no better image quality

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