Chironomidae indet 2

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  • mentum: 1 median tooth, 6/7 lateral;
  • mandible: 3-1-0-2 (inner-apical-outer-surface) large surface teeth;
  • premandible 2; seta S1 bifid but incised;
  • postoccipital margin: dark brown
  • antenna 5-segments, RO in the lower 3rd of segment 1

Labrum (3rd instar specimen 1):

Mentum (4th instar, specimen 3):

Note the beard

Mentum-divided (3rd instar, specimen 2):

Antenna (3rd instar, specimen 4):

Mandible/Premandible (3rd? instar, specimen 2):


#1 Andreas Plank wrote at April 2 Wed, 2008, 18:50 (+0000 UTC) answer



this specimen is similar to Acricotopus indet 1, but the mentum is quite different. Maybe an other Acricotopus... Confused



#2 HQ Tang wrote at April 15 Tue, 2008, 11:23 (+0000 UTC) answer homepage

the first glance give me an appearrance of a memeber of Corynocera, but the premandible reject my opinion. I agree with your comment, it may be another Acricotopus. Note that Zhang and Wang (2004) published 2 new species in the genus Acricotopus near the Tibet plataeu.

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