Here you can download some useful files or PHP-scripts. To unpack them you can use the free unzip program 7-Zip.

R tutorial for statistics and graphics  â€œGrafiken in R” … download ( 5.8MB; version March 29, 2010)

R reference card for graphics (extract from German “Grafiken in R”)  download  download  (430kB)

R short reference card/sheet for common R-commands (2 DIN A4 pages, version March 29, 2010) … download download (306kB; download Source: 360kB)

    PHP script (version >= 5) for image outlines with elliptical Fourier analysis after Kuhl and Giardina (1982) ... Initiates file downloaddownload (30kB. Note: right mouse click: “Save target as…” and save as *.tar.gz archive)

    PHP reference sheet (4 DIN A4 pages, version  April 15, 2010 Initiates file downloadphp_reference_sheet.pdf , source as LaTeX Initiates file downloadphp_reference_sheet.tex)

    Documentation of some useful R user function of plot.depth() for plotting drilling cores, depth profiles or other proxies as pollen, diatoms, chironomids etc. Other included functions are: grDeviceUserSize() setting size of graphic device, arrowLegend() legend with an arrow and asking() asks the user a yes/no question …Initiates file downloaddownload  (1MB, version March 29, 2010)



    CHIP Chironomidae Identification Program

    CHIP Log/History

    • Tue Dec 15 2009 (updated)
      • fixed bug for limitations in some DB fields: extended DB text-fields characters.notes, characters.ecology to LONGTEXT and names_authors.title to TEXT to save more data
      • fixed bug for HTML unordered lists
        added HTML tags as input possibility
    • Wed Dec 9 2009 (updated)
      • removed some bugs while saving a page, added textcite possibility
    • Wed Sep 23 2009 (updated)
      • added filter support for tables
      • added some wizards for insert references and tables
    • Sun Jul 19 2009 (updated)
      • section editing implemented
    • Sat Jul 11 2009 (updated)
      • improved measurement facilities in PHP-files implemented


    #1 Wolf-Christian Lewin wrote at November 24 Tue, 2009, 9:24 (+0000 UTC) answer

    Dear Sire or Madam,

    I am very interested in the "chip" program, unfortunately, the registration page does not work. I would be grateful for any informations if there is another possibility to get the program

    yours sincerely

    christian lewin

    #2 Andreas Plank wrote at November 24 Tue, 2009, 19:52 (+0000 UTC) answer

    Dear Christian Lewin,


    due to upgrade of PHP 5.2 -> 5.3.1 some fixes were necessary and login should work now. By the way in PHP 5.3.1 are some changes and depreciated functions that might cause warnings in CHIP. When I have time I'll do some adjustments but until PHP 5.3.0 CHIP is running sweetly.


    Kind regards,


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