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About this Web Site

This web site originated as a private project for my thesis “Chironomid-based inference models for Tibetan lakes aided by a newly developed chironomid identification key” and PhD in 2010 to publicly …

  • … share my microscopic images of found larval species of Chironomidae from samples of the Tibetan Plateau collected in 2003–2005
  • … share my developed image management tool CHironomidae Identification Program – CHIP
  • … trigger an open source thinking and philosophy in a cooperating manner in the chironomid scientific community

I accomplished the hard work on the PhD with great help from family, close friends and colleagues, but “we” (as people) were not crowned with success in this manner of open source thinking and acting to together related to Chironomidae research. Unfortunately science business … well, well, well that was a story mainly of career-thinking and a bit of rigidness rather than thinking in a manner of open source.

Career-thinking and not supporting one another makes me feel unease and uncomfortable … so, I do not work with Chironomidae no more, but this web site is intended to stay and contribute my work. May be it is of some help ;-)

Albert Einstein

“The important thing is not to stop questioning.”