Tanytarsini indet 1

(By Andreas Plank from 10. April 2008, last modified 18. March 2019)


  • premandible: 2(+x)? (apical+basal),
  • mandible: 3-1-2-1 plate (inner-apical-outer-surface),
  • mentum: 1 middle (?crenate) lateral 5 teeth,
  • 4th? instar,
  • pop: postoccipital plate well developed (triangular),
  • pom: postoccipital  margin brown,
  • head pale yellow,
  • antennal pedestal: ~2x width, with well developed spur on pedestal (about as long as wide)

Head (4th? instar):

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Old Comments


Andreas Plank wrote at Thursday, 10th April 2008 15:52:43 (GMT)

difficult to say: either a Micropsectra due to premandible (its seems to be bifid) or Tanytarsus due to mandibular teeth ... confused


HQ Tang wrote at Wednesday, 16th April 2008 18:28:32 (GMT)

It would be Tanytarus gracilentus (Holmgren) based on the plate-like surface teeth on the mandible. I had recorded in my ph.D.


Andreas Plank wrote at Tuesday, 15th April 2008 13:30:46 (GMT)

the T.gracilentus in Brooks et.al. 2007 has a distinct plate behind the mentum and no spur on antennal pedestal as well ... that's why I placed it separately


Torbjørn Ekrem wrote at Saturday, 19th April 2008 07:16:37 (GMT)

This is most probably a Micropsectra. The antennal pedestal spur and bifid premandible is typical of this genus