Acricotopus indet 1

(By Andreas Plank from 12. March 2008, last modified 17. March 2019)

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  • premandible: 2 (or 1 with an incision)
  • seta S1: 2 (bifid)
  • mandible: 4-1-0-2 (inner-apical-outer-surface) large incised surface teeth/plate
  • mentum: middle 2, lateral 7 teeth (2 are hidden behind the 1st lateral), beard present
  • submental setation below 3.5st lateral teeth
  • seems to be a 4th instar

Head (specimen 1):

Mentum (specimen1/4):

Mandible (specimen 2)

Epipharyngeal region (specimen 1):

Premandible (specimen 1):

Antenna (specimen 3):

Antenna  (specimen 3)

Old Comments


Andreas Plank wrote on Wednesday, 12. March 2008 18:00:34 (GMT)

maybe this is not Acricotopus, but I don't know where to place this specimen.


HQ Tang wrote on Tuesday, 15. April 2008 10:46:04 (GMT)

Hi, Andreas,
This species looks like Acricotopus longipalpus Reiss based on yr figures, especially the location of 1st and 2nd laterals of mentum, the median mental teeth and inner teeth of mandible with high variety. some times with 4 median mental teeth, the inner teeth of mandilbe some times are wornout, it give a appearrance with many teeth. The sample look like collecting from Tibet?


Andreas Plank wrote on Tuesday, 15. April 2008 16:20:53 (GMT)

… yes, but in Makarchenko 1999 is a Acricotopus longipalpus Reiss 1968 with a palmate S1 (6-10 setae) and the middle teeth are closer together and the RO on antenna is basal, not apical like this one here confused