Pagastia indet (Diamesinae indet 3)

(By Andreas Plank from 25. April 2008, last modified 18. March 2019)

Possibly Pagastia due to submental and head setation. Below you find old comments.

Naming history:

  1. Orthocladiinae indet4
  2. Diamesinae indet3
  3. Pagastia indet


  • mentum: 2 small median teeth, 6/7? lateral, submental setation very far away caudad below 6/(7?)th lateral tooth, large ventromental plates;
  • postoccipital margin: dark brown

Head (4th? instar):

(Click on the image to slide through the layers)

Head (2nd? instar):

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Note the quite long seta subdentalis on the mandible.

Old Comments


Andreas Plank wrote at Tuesday, 1st April 2008 11:36:49

first I placed it to Nanocladius, but within Chaetocladius or maybe Parakiefferiella there are similar specimens, but the submental setation isn't the same. The I found a similar submental setation in Pagastia (Diamesinae) but I have no further descriptions or photos available. The “2nd?-stage” head belongs I suppose to the same taxa group, because: a) is in same sample b) same submental setation. Any further suggestions?


HQ Tang wrote at Tuesday, 15th April 2008 12:09:02 (GMT)

It can be confirm that it is not Nanocladius. Setation submenti is a key character of Pagastia, i agree with your opinion. It may be Pagastia orthogonia/lanceolata, both of them are distributed in Palaearctic mountain area, you'd better check some papers of Makarchenko or Endo.