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(Photo by Babett Schreiter)

Well, when I was starting to study chironomids it was because nobody was interested in this although they have a huge potential in indication: they are almost everywhere. BUT in fact they are still really unpractical with respect to determination and I was faced with issues like “what is S1???” or “I have no premandible available on this fossil larvae!” or “how does a more prominent tooth looks like???” … etc.

So, this was what I was confronted with and I'm interested to improve the determination from “still unpractical” to “more practical”. That's why the program CHIP was developed which I presented at the 17th International Symposium on Chironomidae in Tianjin China. And I think to move towards the “more practical” this can be done only by working together, right? For this purpose this site was established to start anyway. And although I didn't want to work with chironomids several times it seems I stick to them or do they stick to me? However, this site is planned to remain and I hope that it does not become a dead site …

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