Cricotopus salinophilus Zinchenko et al. 2009

(By Andreas Plank from 25. March 2008, last modified 17. March 2019)

Solved ;-). History of this specimen:

  1. Cricotopus-Orthocladius indet 2
  2. Cricotopus salinophilus Zinchenko et al. 2009.

Note that some pictures can be clicked to get the next photo layer. Below you find older comments.


  • premandible: 2+1 (apical+basal);
  • seta S1: divided long;
  • mentum: 1 median tooth, 6 lateral, submental setation (extremely) laterad;
  • mandible: 3.5/4-1-0-0 (inner-apical-outer-surface), outer margin slightly engraved
  • postoccipital margin: brown
  • antenna: blade ratio=1

Head (specimen 1, 3rd? instar):

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Head (specimen 2, 3rd instar):

Seta S1 is a little difficult to see because of the 3-dimensional shape, but it is divided and not a single seta. Please correct me if I'm off here.

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Premandible (specimen 3)

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Old Comments


HQ Tang wrote at Tuesday, 15. April 2008 11:43:44 (GMT)

It's more like a member of Orthocladius (Euorth.) or Orthocladius (Meso.) sp based on my experience on the mandible.


Andreas Plank wrote at Tuesday, 14. July 2009 04:34:26 (GMT)

Might this be Cricotopus salinophilus? I'm not sure.